Our Trials and Tribulations


Team pHFine Scale was in 6th place based on scores from phase 2a (Sep. 23, 2014).  


The pHFine Scale instrument recorded an incredible dataset in the 70+ days of phase 2b in the MBARI test tank. The sensor suffered some damage from the clamp which pulled off some of the plastic housing, and some wires were corroded.  We were able to cut in and charge the batteries directly and get the datathe data was awesome and very stable throughout the entire time in the test tank!


The pHFine Scale instrument housing was fixed; however, the team chose not to cut deep and repair the damage to the corroded wires.


Team pHFine Scale traveled to Seattle on Feb 6th to deploy the pHFine Scale instrument along with the UVulatorour non-toxic biofouling prevention device.   Everything looked great and calibration went smoothwe were getting better!


Team pHFine Scale returned to Seattle on Mar. 6th to recover the pHFine Scale instrument and handoff the data to the XPRIZE teama great group of very positive and encouraging people. The sensor tested well in calibration and was working when it was deployed. However after recovery we found that the corroded wire had eventually separated, causing our processor to lose powerwe only got a partial data set, darn it!


We are wishing that we could have finished the Automated pH Calibration Workstationmeasuring miniscule changes in pH is tough and we've solved that, but calibration has been painful: We need automation!   Click here to see what we had in mind.


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